> Akshpreet Singh
About Me
Hi, I am currently pursuing Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. I am passionate about learning, particularly coding, and work hard in and out of class to enhance my skills. I am recognized as a hardworking student with a never-ending desire to develop my talents and improve the world around me. I've always been a great problem solver. I am constantly looking for new methods to learn and grow while utilizing my current skills.

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["akshpreet.singh.02@gmail.com", "LinkedIn", "GitHub"]

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> Akshpreet.location
"Calgary, AB"

> Akshpreet.skills
["C", "C++", "Java", "Python", "HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "SQL", "React", "AWS", "Terraform"]

> Akshpreet.education
"2nd Year B.Sc. Software Engineering - University of Calgary"

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["Tennis", "Blogging", "Reading", "Gaming", "Coding"]